Comparing Video Drones


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Video drones have been crashing the electronic gadget market like waves in the past 2 years. Thanks to manufacturers constantly improving their products, it is now more accessible for consumers to get one for themselves. Part of the reason why video or camera drones are becoming popular is because of the rapid improvement of camera technology as evidenced by the high quality of photos being taken from smart phones, action cameras and others. With this technology being applied in video drones, imagine the pictures and footages that it can take. This is what makes video drones very attractive to the public.


But, with a lot of choices available though, it is getting harder and harder for people to discern which drones are best suited for their needs. This is where a drone camera comparison review at cameradojo comes in handy. Before buying a drone, you have to do proper research in order to figure out which video drone to get, especially if this is your first time owning one. But, you have to be critical of the comparisons that you are reading. Make sure that whatever you are reading is factual and correct.

You will easily notice if a review is not telling the truth when it sounds a little more salesy. A good review or comparison should show what a drone is capable of and what it can’t do. That way, consumers will be made fully aware of what they are getting with that drone. You see, most sites don’t really focus on the disadvantages or even mention them. But the drone camera comparison review at cameradojo does.

This website is dedicated to providing the factual and informative aspects of video drones as well as other devices and gadgets related to photography. Their guides are also very useful especially for beginners. It is really a very useful website for camera enthusiasts. Check it out now!

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Detailed Reviews and Workflows on Sleeklens

  • Wedding workflows for your “I do” pictures from Sleeklens
  • A website that’s got all you need for your wedding pictures
  • Beautiful wedding photos after getting tips on these reviews how to create one

We understand that there are so many things that you have to consider when preparing for your wedding day, and that includes, of course, the photos that go with it. But before you buy that camera, though, it is best that you read a detailed review of Sleeklens wedding workflows, so you will have a more fruitful picture taking and enhancement later on.


You won’t know the value of a detailed review of Sleeklens wedding workflows until you are faced with the prospect of making improvements to your wedding pictures. This detailed review, nonetheless, will give you ideas on how to go about your editing in a way that would capture the essence of each wedding photo.

It would be quite impossible to achieve that kind of effect if you haven’t learned anything from a detailed review of Sleeklens wedding workflows. Even if you’re a beginner, you don’t have a hard time editing these wedding pictures according to your preference, this review will pave the way for you to create or enhance photos the way you wanted it to be.

Rest assured, you will have a great wedding afterwards, and these photos can attest to that. They are actually the effect of how awesome a detailed review of Sleeklens wedding workflows work. Giving enough options through these presets, plus getting some tips from seasoned photographers themselves, yours is the kind of wedding collection that every lovebirds need, even before they could exchange vows.

A long list of wedding presets can be found in this link,, and now is the time to choose the right one before saying that precious “I do”.

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Enhancing that Workflow through Reviews from Sleeklens 

  • Factors that make these Sleeklens workflow reviews so valuable
  • Unlimited options offered when it comes to photo enhancement out of reading workflow reviews
  • An online site that has free tools for your photos

There are a lot of aspects why you should take heed of these workflow reviews from Sleeklens. Let us examine, though, some of these aspects and find out why Sleeklens is the site to go to online when you are in need of some workflow review.


  • Easy Does It – You can’t think of workflow reviews without thinking of Sleeklens. Sleeklens and its workflow reviews are somehow inseparable, and they are the kind of combination that makes your photo editing so much easier. Sleeklens takes you to an editing journey that is both enjoyable and creative, allowing you to experiment with your editing.
  • Unlimited Options – Sleeklens and its workflow reviews enable you to elevate your enhancements in a way that doesn’t run you dry. Sleeklens has this list of collections for you to choose from, like presets and Photoshop actions. You are only limited by your imagination, so to speak, as soon as you start taking heed of Sleeklens and its workflow reviews. It is simply the type of solution every time you edit your photos.
  • Economical At Times – Yes, you can have Sleeklens and its workflow reviews in an affordable way, just by knowing that very idea of getting free tools for your editing needs. That’s why it’s so valuable to read reviews at times because you get to know these free tools and save a better portion of your budget when editing your images.

These are just three of the aspects that comprised the beauty of Sleeklens and its workflow reviews. Not only it paves the way for a much improve photo editing, it also shows you how to make the most out of your precious images.

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Importing The Presets For Lightroom


  • Introduction to Lightroom
  • Importing presets
  • Resources for Lightroom

Undeniably, Adobe Lightroom is one of the best image post processing software around. Considering that it was developed by the same makers as Photoshop, you can expect a very useful and powerful software. True enough, many photographers both professional and hobbyists, consider it as the go to software when editing photos. It is by far the most user friendly and at the same time, the most comprehensive software for post processing. Many prefer this software over Photoshop because it has non-destructive editing features plus an archiving feature that is sorely lacking in Adobe Photoshop.


Among its features, presets is probably the most important one. It allows the user to easily edit a photo and effectively cutting the time it takes to finish an edit into more than 50%.  So how do you import lightroom presets?

  1. The first thing to do is to find a downloadable preset from the internet.
  2. Once you have downloaded a preset, open your Lightroom. (*note that you have to make sure you have extracted the preset first)
  3. Go to Preferences and select Presets. Click the button that says Show Lightroom Presets Folder…
  4. You will find a folder named Develop Presets. This folder is what you will be using. Copy the downloaded presets in this folder.
  5. Once you’ve done that, restart Lightroom and go to Develop Module in the Presets section.(usually found on the right side of the screen) You will now see the preset you’ve downloaded. It is up to you to rename it.

To import lightroom presets seems easy right? It is because it really is. Now, the question is, where do you get great presets? Well, Sleeklens provides the best Lightroom presets. They are professionally made by experts and professional photographers so there’s no doubt about the quality. Go check out’s presets now!

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The Trend That Is Action Cameras and How To Identify Them

  • What to look for in action cameras
  • Foremost features that you need to consider
  • The best action camera around

In the realm of camera aficionados, there is one thing that keeps on revolutionizing. And that is action cameras. These gadgets are small, lightweight, portable and mountable cameras that most millennials own today. This is due to the fact that action cameras are more suitable to the lifestyle of millenials because of their affinity to live an active lifestyle like extreme sports, travelling and social media.


One thing you need to consider before purchasing an action camera are the frame rate and resolution. A great action camera usually can capture 120 fps or frames per second, in layman’s term. A 30 fps action camera is perfectly ok if all you want is a standard playback. The best reason to get one that can take 120 fps is due to the editing flexibility you can do with it. You can capture or manipulate dramatic sequences quite effectively when there are more frames you can edit. You can get more details on on how to do this and which cameras best suit the purpose.

As for resolution, all modern cameras can now shoot at a quality of 1080p. But the thing is, not all 1080p footage looks the same. This has to do with the image processing capabilities that the cameras have. Again, you can get more details on regarding which cameras to pick.

Of course if the camera has no mounting capabilities, then by definition, it is not an action camera. So, let’s not talk about that anymore. Instead, the next thing we can consider is the apps and controls of the camera. Of course you want a user friendly camera right? The controls have to be pretty intuitive to not be confusing and become a pain to use. And the apps? Well things like WiFi capability to let your phone act as a remote.  Viewfinder apps are also very useful to take the right shots.

All in all, these are the basic things you need to look for when shopping for a great action camera. Performance and ease of use will always be king.

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Understanding Adobe Photoshop Actions

photography2Quick Overview:

Photoshop actions are a series of pre-defined editing steps that can be applied to several images in your Photoshop interface. Same with Lightroom presets, actions can be applied to one or more images with just a few clicks.

This set of actions allows you to simplify the modification process as all you need to do is apply the actions and effects to the images anytime you want.

Moreover, creating photoshop action is very simple, you just have to record the steps and effects that you perform on a certain image and apply it to other images. Adobe Photoshop has the capability to record the steps that you perform to help you save time and effort. Unlike in the previous versions of Photoshop wherein you need to exert more effort in editing tons of images manually. You can replay and reuse actions anytime. In addition, you can add more effects and make adjustments on actions.

You may find Photoshop actions a little bit harder in the beginning, but when you are able to understand the whole process, you’ll realize that it is indeed a big help in your workload. However, if you’re not into creating several actions, you can get more free and paid photoshop actions online.


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Understanding Lightroom Collections

LR14Lightroom Collections are the most important tool in the program that is responsible in organizing images. In this article, we will talk about the advantages and importance of using collections in Lightroom.

Two Types of Collections: Regular and Smart

Basically, there are two types of Lightroom collections; Smart collections and Regular collections.

Let’s start talking about smart collection, it is a collection of images according to its filter and usually contains a high-quality set of photos with keywords and metadata. Moreover, newly edited or imported images from other devices will be automatically added to the smart collection in Lightroom.

On the other hand, the second type of collection is called “regular collection”, this type of collections contains images which you personally choose. In addition, the images in the regular collection remain until you decide to delete it.

Image sorting in Lightroom regular collections

Unlike in the smart collection wherein you cannot reorder and sort images,  regular collections in Lightroom allow you to sort images the way you want to arrange it.

Target Lightroom Collection

The good thing about the regular collection in Lightroom is that you can set the target collection. To make a target collection in the regular collection, you just have to right click on the name of the collection and choose the option “set as target collection”.

Collect images without replication

One of the best advantages of using Lightroom collections is that it organize images from different locations. You are allowed to create a collection or folder of images from different locations for both the library module and other storage devices. However, collections require a little space addition to your device for you to save more images.

If you want to have the best of Adobe, get more great products for Adobe Lightroom at sleeklens. Visit their site and check more helpful tutorials, reviews and tips about the program.

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Reasons Why We Choose Lightroom

LR22There are reasons behind the usage of Lightroom. And most of these reasons are the ones that keep Lightroom on top of its form as a leading photo-enhancing tool in the web.

Photo-enhancing is now on its new heights with Lightroom. With its easy tools and organizing capabilities, you can now upgrade the quality of your photos after your own heart.

Built for (professional) Photographers

This is the one feature that separates Lightroom from the rest. The idea of enhancing or retouching your photos in a professional way, resembling that of photos from seasoned photographers, is a thing of beauty.

It Works Just Fine

Lightroom has lighter processing tools. It works well with almost any hardware. You can enjoy its features either on your phone or on your laptop.

Excellence All the Way

Lightroom has the ability to import multiple images as well archiving them. You can also put some keywords and metadata on it.  Just a way of filing your photos in a professional manner.

Great Workflow

Your photos are placed in modules. This include Library, Web, Develop, Slideshow and Print. This will enable you to customize certain photos to somehow suit your own fancy.

Creative Conversions

Lightroom processes photos like that of an Adobe Camera, so its conversions enables one to experiment in an unlimited fashion. In fact, at times, a Lightroom conversion is much more stylized than the conventional one.

Contrast and Comparison

You can also compare photos for adjustment purposes. This will help you in choosing or selecting which photos to highlight and which ones to subdue.

Presets Unlimited

Lightroom has a legion of presets available online. And if you can download these free presets with Lightroom, that would give your pictures an added flare. You can choose from a variety of these presets to a particular photo for a more satisfied effect.

The reasons seemed infinite. You can now present yourself through your photos in a way that a professional photographer does.




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The secret to awesome nature photography

One of the things that a lot of photographers struggle with is nature photography. This is because a lot of things are moving and if yo do not get it right, there is the chance of getting it horribly wrong. The secret to doing it right range from the camera setting you have to how you shoot. So without further ado, a few trick to shooting the best nature images.

Shutter speed

This is one of the most important setting especially when you want to shoot subjects that are in motion. Shutter speed is a measurement of how long the shutter remains open foe when taking a photograph. The faster the shutter speed, i.e the shutter is open for a very short period of time, the shorter the time the sensor is exposed to light and therefore the clearer the image is especially those that depict motion. The slower the shutter speed, translating to long exposure times, the less clear the image especially if the subject is moving.

Fast Shutter Speed
Slow Shutter Speed


In order to take amazing nature photographs, you have to focus on the subject entirely. This is so that your subject is the clearest thing in the photographs that you take. In order to make things more dramatic, you may decide to focus on a subject that is in the background while leaving the foreground blurred. As you get more and more acquitted to photography, you will learn what works best (See pov camera reviews), where and when to focus on the subject and so on and so forth.

Light, color and contrast

These three are perhaps the most important aspects of any nature photographs. You have to know how to capture images with the best colors and contrasts. Although this will be large;y determined by the settings of the camera that you are using, you will find that capturing your subjects in certain lights can make colors jump out and contrasts more dramatic. It will take a lot of practice for you to get all of these three things right but it will be so worth it.

Post-production processing

LR 25Unless you are really poor at using computers and have a terrible eye for details and good photography, manipulation your images and photographs using software such as Adobe Lightroom should not be too hard for you. If you find yourself struggling, know that there are millions of Lightroom presets on the internet, both free and paid, that can help you push your photography to the next level.

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Adobe Lightroom: The Program That You’ve Been Waiting For

LR 25Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is known to be one of the most effective photo editing tool in the industry today. With its ability to organize and manage photos in one folder or collection, create customized Lightroom presets, importing files and more, there is no doubt that Lightroom is the best image processor.

Like what most people say, Lightroom is the better and simpler version of Photoshop because with Lightroom, users don’t need to edit images manually and for longer hours. Moreover, it has the ability to create presets that can be applied to one or more images at once.

Lightroom is also a non-destructive image processor, which preserves and saves the original file setting of the image. You can always remove,  edit, and redo all the changes made in the image without destroying the original quality of it. Another feature offered by Lightroom is the capability to convert and work well with RAW and JPEG files. Lightroom has been consistent in providing great editing service to its users. In addition, Lightroom contains a full and complete professional photo catalog tools that can manage, and organize hundreds and even thousands of images using smart collection data.

With Adobe Lightroom, the difference and boundary between Photoshop and Lightroom is still huge as Adobe has been consistent in making big changes and improvements to its editorial features. One of the things that Adobe enhanced in Lightroom is the advanced spot healing tool. The previous versions of Lightroom contain spot tool, but with limited access. With Lightroom 6, adobe is now allowing users to change the size of the brush in order to remove appropriate spots on the image.

There are still a lot of reasons why Lightroom is the best editing tool. But unfortunately, I cannot explain everything in one article. So, for more tips and ideas on how to get quality Lightroom presets, visit the website of sleekens.

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