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The secret to awesome nature photography

One of the things that a lot of photographers struggle with is nature photography. This is because a lot of things are moving and if yo do not get it right, there is the chance of getting it horribly wrong. The secret to doing it right range from the camera setting you have to how you shoot. So without further ado, a few trick to shooting the best nature images.

Shutter speed

This is one of the most important setting especially when you want to shoot subjects that are in motion. Shutter speed is a measurement of how long the shutter remains open foe when taking a photograph. The faster the shutter speed, i.e the shutter is open for a very short period of time, the shorter the time the sensor is exposed to light and therefore the clearer the image is especially those that depict motion. The slower the shutter speed, translating to long exposure times, the less clear the image especially if the subject is moving.

Fast Shutter Speed
Slow Shutter Speed


In order to take amazing nature photographs, you have to focus on the subject entirely. This is so that your subject is the clearest thing in the photographs that you take. In order to make things more dramatic, you may decide to focus on a subject that is in the background while leaving the foreground blurred. As you get more and more acquitted to photography, you will learn what works best (See pov camera reviews), where and when to focus on the subject and so on and so forth.

Light, color and contrast

These three are perhaps the most important aspects of any nature photographs. You have to know how to capture images with the best colors and contrasts. Although this will be large;y determined by the settings of the camera that you are using, you will find that capturing your subjects in certain lights can make colors jump out and contrasts more dramatic. It will take a lot of practice for you to get all of these three things right but it will be so worth it.

Post-production processing

LR 25Unless you are really poor at using computers and have a terrible eye for details and good photography, manipulation your images and photographs using software such as Adobe Lightroom should not be too hard for you. If you find yourself struggling, know that there are millions of Lightroom presets on the internet, both free and paid, that can help you push your photography to the next level.

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Adobe Lightroom: The Program That You’ve Been Waiting For

LR 25Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is known to be one of the most effective photo editing tool in the industry today. With its ability to organize and manage photos in one folder or collection, create customized Lightroom presets, importing files and more, there is no doubt that Lightroom is the best image processor.

Like what most people say, Lightroom is the better and simpler version of Photoshop because with Lightroom, users don’t need to edit images manually and for longer hours. Moreover, it has the ability to create presets that can be applied to one or more images at once.

Lightroom is also a non-destructive image processor, which preserves and saves the original file setting of the image. You can always remove,  edit, and redo all the changes made in the image without destroying the original quality of it. Another feature offered by Lightroom is the capability to convert and work well with RAW and JPEG files. Lightroom has been consistent in providing great editing service to its users. In addition, Lightroom contains a full and complete professional photo catalog tools that can manage, and organize hundreds and even thousands of images using smart collection data.

With Adobe Lightroom, the difference and boundary between Photoshop and Lightroom is still huge as Adobe has been consistent in making big changes and improvements to its editorial features. One of the things that Adobe enhanced in Lightroom is the advanced spot healing tool. The previous versions of Lightroom contain spot tool, but with limited access. With Lightroom 6, adobe is now allowing users to change the size of the brush in order to remove appropriate spots on the image.

There are still a lot of reasons why Lightroom is the best editing tool. But unfortunately, I cannot explain everything in one article. So, for more tips and ideas on how to get quality Lightroom presets, visit the website of sleekens.

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How to Create a Vintage Photo Using Lightroom

Before you create a stunning vintage photo with Lightroom, you have to decide whatsoft-desaturated-lightroom-4-tutorial-mixology-00061 characteristics you think that look should be, because it may mean different to other people. At this moment, I’m going to discuss all exactly  how you can create your very own vintage looking edit, customized for your own personal taste and how to create these as Lightroom presets vintage for graphic designer cv so you can use it over and over again.

I prefer to edit my photo as “vintage” edits. There’s a lot of room for interpretation and especially personal preference when creating my own vintage edits that can bring a lot of fun to have different vintage Lightroom presets set up for different lighting and shooting situations.

The easiest way to create a vintage look is to download free vintage develop presets or else to buy Develop Presets. Once you applied the preset, you can go to the right hand panels -> tweak the settings to get the most out of your photo.  This time, let’s take a look of a few steps whereas you can use to create the vintage look yourself in Lightroom.

Step 1: Open the tone curve panel -> click the Point Curve icon to switch from Tone Curve to Point Curve mode.

Step 2: Then, set the curves for the RGB, though you can apply with the colour curves as well. Once you use the same technique on a colour curve, it affects the colour of the photo as well as the contrast.

Step 3: As you can see in the effects panel, bring the post crop Vignetting Amount down to -20 and the Midpoint to 60. Just make sure the Style is set to Highlight Priority.

Step 4: Another way to add colour is the split toning. Just apply a warm colour to the highlights and a cool one to the shadows. Be aware that warm colours appear to move toward the viewer and cooler ones away. Remember, split toning builds on that principle.

Now you know how to create a vintage effect in Lightroom. I hope you enjoy!

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The Power of Editing in Lightroom

pbn7Lightroom is one of the most powerful photos editing software. It has a lot of features found in other photo editing programs, but the options in Lightroom are quite diverse. Also, Lightroom is one of the most flexible photo editing programs ever created.

A lot of photographers sees tool for basic adjustment such as white balance, exposure and contrast.  With Lightroom, you’ll see that you do so much well-ordered stuff that just blows your mind.

I’ve been using Lightroom as my primary editing program for a year and it still amazes me the power of editing process.

One technique to recognize the editing capabilities of Lightroom is like you shot in a “dark room”. Let’s back in the days before digital cameras, all photography involved negative film which was used to create photographs. Lightroom has a similar function; it has the capability to let you easily change the light curve of an image.  With Lightroom it allows a photo aficionado to adjust almost any color in their photo to almost any degree. The color saturation is one of the most powerful editing tools in Lightroom, and I’m pretty sure you often use it.

Lightroom extends the ability with highlight and shadow recovery functions, and also the white balance brush allows you to get more consistent colors in any shot. This is particularly useful in photos with scenes having mixed lighting sources.

Lightroom presets can be used repeatedly to different images. All you have to do is to open the presets on the library module and apply it to one or more images at once.

Lightroom has a basic adjustment, it can increased exposure, saturation, and contrast. Also, Vignette applied to darken the edges. Another one is the split toning, it has aqua shadows, and low saturation purple highlights.

With a lot of preset offers in Lightroom, you have many options in terms of editing. Look for Lightroom preset that can truly help you and minimize your workflow. One of the Lightroom presets offer is the wedding lightroom presets.

Lightroom can do some pretty awesome things. Use Lightroom presets now and discover the power of Lightroom.

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Comparing Lightroom to Photoshop

Lightroom PhotoshopWhat is Lightroom?

Lightroom is a photo editing tool created by Adobe System which covers everything you need to do about your captured raw images. It is also known as the newest and popular computer program that has both a tool and a library to adjust the details of your images. Moreover, you can also use the program to send projects directly to your client. You can also edit tons of images in just a few clicks.

Photoshop vs. Lightroom

Almost everyone in the field of photography knows how to use and control Photoshop, but a lot of them are still unaware about the advantages and benefits of lightroom. Most of them are even wondering about the difference between the two popular programs. Generally, there are a lot of significant differences.


This famous photo editing tool lets you work and adjust one photo at a time manually. While this program does have a lot of automation tools such as action, this can’t still help you save time. This is only good when you are editing few images and for some personal stuff.


Lightroom is also a photo editing tool created by adobe systems. It is a fully non-destructive that does not change the original image. Lightroom works totally different than photoshop. This new program allows users to edit a lot of image in one time.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Lightroom’s editing panels are exactly similar as Camera Raw, still an Adobe’s product. In fact, adobe system created the program to help professional photographers shorten their editing workload. More importantly, this program is built specifically for the great challenges of photography.

More details about Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is basically made up of five components: Slideshow, Library, Print, Web and Develop. Each of these components is committed to every image task. The Adobe team is very confident that this tool will help even beginners to beautify their raw images. Each units has a different set of control panels and helpful menus. In addition to the uniqueness of lightroom, it contains a lot of stored lightroom presets or filtered images.

Essentially, lightroom contains a lot of important functions to assist photographers in their workload.  That is the main reason why some photographers shift to lightroom.

You can download Lightroom Presets on Sleeklens.

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Basic Steps In Using Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a very powerful photo editing tool that is intended to help photographers manage and edit their images. It is also an easy-to-use program which makes it one of the best choices for professional photographers who don’t have enough time to organize their images manually. For those of you who want to install lightroom, watch this video about how to install lightroom:

In this article, we will provide the easiest steps in using lightroom from importing and exporting to application of presets to enhance images.

LR11The interface of adobe lightroom is divided into several modules since it is developed and designed to take photographers throughout the editing process, from organizing images, choosing the right preset to printing and sharing the edited images.

The library module in the program will allow users to classify images by putting up certain keywords, collections and ratings. In addition, adding up keywords may not be the most appropriate move in other program, but it can actually help save time in lightroom.

The develop modules in lightroom enables users, especially photographers to create presets and make quick edits such as brightness adjustments, color sharpening and cropping as well as adding more filters to the image.

Here are some of the basic steps in using lightroom:

Import desired image

When opening the program, choose the library from the modules located on the top right section of screen. Then click on to the import button located on the left side of the interface, after clicking the button, use the folders to and select desired image.

Add appropriate keyword

To add keyword in lightroom, focus on the thumbnail image then go to the keyword panel on the right side of the interface. Add keyword in the text box to find specific file or image anytime. Users can also search image by using metadata and attribute.

Explore designs by using Presets

One of the best features of lightroom is the presets. To use one of the default presets, click on the develop module on the control panel then click on presets on the left side of the screen. Users can explore any styles of presets there. Moreover, if users do not want to use the built in presets, they can always create and re-design new presets.

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Learning The Art of Street Photography

Street photography is not really new, it has existed for decades. But it is only just now that Street Photography took its toll of fame in various places. To begin with, Street Photography is the capturing of photographs regarding people often in public places, specifically on streets. Street photography, and photography as a whole, is not just about taking pictures. It is more so an act of storytelling through photographs. Through captured photos, a photographer can retell a story, and that is a wonderful thing.

street photographyIn street photography there is that sense of liberation and freedom. There are no specific guidelines to follow nor specific subjects and topics required. In general, street photographers and enthusiasts are directed on taking photos about just “life.” It is the photographer’s one prerogative on whether or not he will take on a single subject or will take various topics, which depends on his interest and skill. For street photographers, there is always a story hidden behind every action, every picture. There is always a story waiting to be told to be people via photograph. This is the mission of a street photographer, to bring out the best hidden story in one person and transform it into a magical and worth-telling story.

Subject Permission
You may be wondering if you need permission in capturing a couple kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower. You may be wondering if you must first ask the go signal from an old lady crossing the road. You may be wondering if you need the approval of the cab driver to take a picture of his job. Well, in many countries, at most, taking pictures of people in a public place for editorial and artistic purposes is perfectly legal. It becomes illegal when you plan to use the captured photograph for business, marketing or advertising. However, there are different regulating rules and laws on different countries so you must, at all costs, research before you start capturing moments into photographs of total strangers on the streets and other public places.

Focusing and Colors
street photographyThe secret of the best street photographers is focusing and the proper domination of colors. Focusing in the sense that you must have a sharp image after. Chromes and monochromes of colors, which can be achieved with proper color dominance, can create an extraordinary effect on your simple photography. Chromatic and monochromatic, and contrasting colors give a dazzling dramatic effect to your photographs and will make many people admire your photography.

While it is not important to have sophisticated camera, tripods, lighting and other equipment, it is important to have high-quality equipment to come up with the best results. There are mobile phones nowadays that are efficient and sharp enough in taking pictures. There are also digital cameras which have been compacted and upgraded to do big despite their small sizes. But if you have the budget, and for a more professional look, DSLR cameras are always there as the best choice.

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