• Steps in creating “actions” on your photos via Photoshop
  • Playing, recording and managing actions on your photo with Photoshop
  • Photo editing tool that has its own storing system

The idea of putting “action” in a photo is quite new as far as photography is concerned. What used to be a static art can be enhanced in a way that makes for interactive images in a photo. You see pictures nowadays with images that, on its initial look, can make you deduce that it’s real, or at least lifelike in its presentation. And you can only have that with Photoshop actions.

But the question is how can you have these actions for Photoshops that works for your pictures? There are at least five steps that you need to do for you to have that interactive feel of your photo. Five simple steps to come up with actions for Photoshop that works all the time.


First, you need to open the Actions Panel. But before you record actions, it is best that you close Default Actions and make a New Set. Please take note that you need to name this New Set (your name, for instance). Click that icon, top right of your Actions Panel. After that pop-up appears, choose New Set, and then click OK after typing your name on it.

Then you record your action. This is so easy, creating actions for Photoshops that works well within your taste and style. All you need to do is click that icon (top right) of your Actions Panel, then click New Action. After clicking it, type the name of that action and click “Record”. Now you are on your way to these actions for Photoshop that works perfectly well with your photos.

So after recording the said action, time now to play it. Just simply locate “Playback Options” on your Actions Panel. Then choose from its three main components, namely, Accelerate, Step by Step and Pause For. Accelerate plays your actions at normal speed, Step by Step is when you want to see how these actions are performed, and Pause For, in case you have trouble executing the action.

After playing, manage and edit these actions. Please be guided that there is another way of applying these actions via File>Automate>Batch. This is the step where you file your photos in a folder, or import them.

And lastly, always plan when you apply Photoshop actions. These actions for Photoshops that works well with your portraits and landscapes can create so many effects if you can choose the right actions and the right flow when using the tools of your Photoshop actions.

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