• What to look for in action cameras
  • Foremost features that you need to consider
  • The best action camera around

In the realm of camera aficionados, there is one thing that keeps on revolutionizing. And that is action cameras. These gadgets are small, lightweight, portable and mountable cameras that most millennials own today. This is due to the fact that action cameras are more suitable to the lifestyle of millenials because of their affinity to live an active lifestyle like extreme sports, travelling and social media.


One thing you need to consider before purchasing an action camera are the frame rate and resolution. A great action camera usually can capture 120 fps or frames per second, in layman’s term. A 30 fps action camera is perfectly ok if all you want is a standard playback. The best reason to get one that can take 120 fps is due to the editing flexibility you can do with it. You can capture or manipulate dramatic sequences quite effectively when there are more frames you can edit. You can get more details on bestactioncamreviews.com on how to do this and which cameras best suit the purpose.

As for resolution, all modern cameras can now shoot at a quality of 1080p. But the thing is, not all 1080p footage looks the same. This has to do with the image processing capabilities that the cameras have. Again, you can get more details on bestactioncamreviews.com regarding which cameras to pick.

Of course if the camera has no mounting capabilities, then by definition, it is not an action camera. So, let’s not talk about that anymore. Instead, the next thing we can consider is the apps and controls of the camera. Of course you want a user friendly camera right? The controls have to be pretty intuitive to not be confusing and become a pain to use. And the apps? Well things like WiFi capability to let your phone act as a remote.  Viewfinder apps are also very useful to take the right shots.

All in all, these are the basic things you need to look for when shopping for a great action camera. Performance and ease of use will always be king.

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