photography2Quick Overview:

Photoshop actions are a series of pre-defined editing steps that can be applied to several images in your Photoshop interface. Same with Lightroom presets, actions can be applied to one or more images with just a few clicks.

This set of actions allows you to simplify the modification process as all you need to do is apply the actions and effects to the images anytime you want.

Moreover, creating photoshop action is very simple, you just have to record the steps and effects that you perform on a certain image and apply it to other images. Adobe Photoshop has the capability to record the steps that you perform to help you save time and effort. Unlike in the previous versions of Photoshop wherein you need to exert more effort in editing tons of images manually. You can replay and reuse actions anytime. In addition, you can add more effects and make adjustments on actions.

You may find Photoshop actions a little bit harder in the beginning, but when you are able to understand the whole process, you’ll realize that it is indeed a big help in your workload. However, if you’re not into creating several actions, you can get more free and paid photoshop actions online.


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